As some of you may have noticed, our timeline has been updated! We received our monthly email update this past week from our agency, and there were TWO baby boy referrals in February, moving us up to number FOUR overall and.....ready?.....NUMBER TWO on the wait strip for a baby boy!!!! We know that it could be two days, two weeks, or even two more months before we get our call, but it feels like it is getting so close! I really hope that it is this month...I can't WAIT to see a picture of our little one and start the process (also long and tedious) of getting the paperwork together to bring him (or her-if it is a surprise girl) home. Please pray that we will have patience and strength to carry us through this wait, and pray for the foster family who is currently caring for our little one, that they may feel peace about his or her match with our family. Thank you for the incredible support...and stay tuned!!

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