Today is Emma's 7 month birthday!! I hope her Foster Mama is loving on her a little extra today....and I hope that there aren't many more birthdays in between today and us getting her in our arms! 

We FINALLY received her birth certificate and other necessary legal documents that are required to apply for her visa. We overnighted the documents, our own legal docs (birth certificates, marriage certificate) and the application form to USCIS (immigration office) and they received it this past Monday morning. We will be notified when they begin processing, and we will be notified when she is approved for the visa. The approval will be sent to Washington DC and then on to Korea, which will signal that everything is complete here stateside to bring her home....then we wait on Korea. We are wishing to travel in June, praying to travel in July, and halfway expecting to travel in August. We shall all truly depends on how quickly Korea finishes things up. 

In other, less complicated news, we had our baby shower this past Saturday!!! I decided that I wanted a "non-traditional" shower, more like a barbecue for both guys and girls, with our closest family and friends. I really wanted Javier to be involved and be comfortable being there, and also for it to be a collection of the people who had supported us every step of the way with this journey. We had an AMAZINGLY fun time...and check out the pics on our photo page!! I have spent the last 2 days washing baby blankets/sheets/bibs/etc and now I am putting all of the "finishing touches" on her room. I can't wait to bring our baby girl home...

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