Today was our first homestudy visit!!!  Our social worker came to the house this afternoon; it went very well as far as we can see. She is very nice and easy to talk to, so I think that really helped us be less nervous and more willing to speak openly. We both had to write autobiographies to turn in with our document checklist, so she had read both of ours and we sort of started the "interview" with pieces from the autobiographies. We discussed how we met, what attracted us to the other person, our biggest joys and our biggest challenges in our marriage, our family lives growing up, our views on discipline, religion, ethical values, and how we will incorporate our child's South Korean culture into his or her life. All in all it took three hours; we also gave her a tour of the house (and got to show her the new lavender nursery paint!!) From here, we have our individual visits next Wednesday, and our final home visit on Friday July 3rd. She said it would take her about a week after the final visit to write up the homestudy report, which we will receive several copies of. At that point we submit one copy plus the required forms to USCIS (immigration department) to file our petition to adopt an international orphan, and concurrently submit a copy with our packet of documents to the hub agency in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore agency will review it for completeness and forward it to South Korea!!!  We will get official notice once it is approved in South Korea and we will be officially waiting!!!!! That will probably be the hardest part, knowing there is nothing else to physically "do" except pack our cell phones around 24-7 and wait for them to ring!  Hahaha. Anyway, I appreciate all of the support you guys have given us, and continue to keep us close in prayer as we move ahead. We are that much closer to Baby Nevarez...every step is progress no matter how small it se


Yeah!! Hopefully the individual sessions went just as well, I'm sure they did.

Loved the ceiling art, what a great idea. Keep me posted of any new progress, Norman and I are both very excited for you and can't wait to be a new aunt and uncle.


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