Hello all!  This is my first blog as a soon-to-be parent! I cannot believe that this is actually happening...all things happen for a reason, and so many things have led me to believe that adoption is the right answer for us. I have found myself surrounded by a support group far more encouraging than I could have ever put together on my own, from family to friends, to adoptive parents who have already made the journey that we are beginning, to professionals who are guiding us every step of the way. The door has truly been opened for this to happen, and it is going to be one of the best experiences of either of our lives! 

We have submitted our application and it has been agency approved, and now we are waiting for the assignment of an adoption counselor who will get us through the paperwork. Our hope is that at this time next year be home from Kazakhstan with two beautiful children and learning to adjust to parenthood! There will probably be a lock-down period where we just stay at home with the children so that they can learn who we are and where they are, and then start transitioning them into going places, meeting their new family and friends, etc. It will definitely be a transition for everyone involved. I am more than ready to tackle the paperwork and bring my babies home! Thank you to all of you for your support, please continue to keep us in your thoughts as we work through the next few months of paperwork and waiting. It will be worth every second!!



I am absolutely THRILLED! I can't wait to hear more good news! XOXOXO


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