Oh my goodness....we received our call yesterday, 3/15, letting us know that our beautiful daughter is waiting for us in South Korea!!!! What a shocker to find out that our referral is, indeed, a surprise girl!!! Because we did not have children when we applied to adopt a baby from South Korea, we were placed on the list for a child of either gender, and were told that it would most likely be a little boy. Well, God had other plans when He sent us Miss Emma Grace! We got our call around noon, and actually Javier was at home and took the call. I was asleep after having worked a night shift, so he got to wake me up and tell me that we have a daughter! We are absolutely in love with her already, and the next few months are going to be busy getting everything ready for her and getting her paperwork pushed through to get her home. 

She is just under 5 months of age, and was born on October 25, 2009. She is healthy and is living with a foster family until we are able to go get her. Her file describes her as "mild and growing up smoothly" and she appears to be right on track developmentally. We should get additional information and more pictures after our acceptance packet is turned in! We DO have pictures of her, but due to a privacy agreement with our agency, we are not allowed to post them on websites like blogs, facebook, etc. If you want to see her picture just email us and we are able to privately email her photo. She is gorgeous, and I want more than anything just to hold her!!!! We still can't believe it really happened, and that she is really ours! Thank you all so much.....keep the prayers coming as we work through additional paperwork; they estimate 4-5 months before we are able to go get her because of the paperwork timelines. 


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