Hi everyone!!  Thanks for being such loyal "followers" of our website. We will be starting a new website for our family once we get our "travel call" to go pick up Emma. The new site is much easier to make posts to and easier to maintain, which will be nice while we are in Korea and definitely nice when we come home and  have much less time to maintain a website!! Until the Travel Call comes, I will continue to make basically identical posts on both this site and the new site, so that you all have time to link up to the new site.

Email us at thenevarezfamily@gmail.com or email Emily at emily.nevarez@gmail.com for the new site address.

Now we return to our previously scheduled programming....Say it with me Saturday!!

I'm officially making Saturdays "Say it with me Saturday" with new Korean vocabulary. So here goes our first one!!

"Mommy" in Korean is 엄마

It is pronounced "oh-ma" and is used mostly by children referring to their Mom. Adults usually use a more formal form of the word to refer to their mothers.

"Daddy" in Korean is 아빠

It is pronounced "ah-pah" and again, is usually used by children for their Dad. There is also a more formal form for adult children speaking to their father.
"Daughter" in Korean is 딸

It is pronounced "tal" with much emphasis on the "t" sound

"I love you" in Korean is 사랑해요

It is pronounced "Sa-rang-hae-yo"

Yay!! Simple words, but they are soooo important to us right now!

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