Okay, so if you have been following our site from its creation, you probably noticed some changes!! Like, there was a lot of information about Kazakhstan and now we are talking about Korea! Everything happens for a reason....the Kazakhstan program was undergoing a lot of changes to policy, procedure, and process. There were many uncertainties both with travel time, referrals, and if we would even get to complete the adoption at all when we traveled to the country. Putting all things together, we decided to look around for other options, and stumbled across the one agency here in Louisiana that places children from Korea!!  I will be working to update the page about Korea when I make one, but for now this will have to do! Korean infants are typically in foster care with a loving foster family, have excellent health records, and tend to adapt much more quickly to affection and love. They are usually one year old or less at homecoming, and can be escorted to the US if the parents do not wish to travel, or are unable to do so. Adoptions are finalized here in the US, and the child is granted a US birth certificate. YAY!!!  We definitely feel good about our choice, and we really didn't lose much time in the switch. The paperwork for Korea is less, so we are actually possibly moving forward faster now!!  Keep praying for us! 

Tammy G

Your site looks great. Loved looking at the family pictures. You are going to be such a good mama! Have a great weekend!


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