Well, we are moving forward. I think. Maybe. It is already June 10th....in 5 days we will be at the 3 months mark of waiting to bring Emma home, which I pray is MORE than halfway there. Our most current progress report? Our I600 application, which is basically an application on Emma's behalf for a visa for her to come and live here with, is in the hands of a (very nice) immigration officer at USCIS in Missouri. I can actually call and speak to this officer with minimal holding/waiting on the phone, and find out if we are approved yet or not. As of today we are not. A few people have asked me what has to happen to get her home this month. WELL she has to have I600 approval AND EP approval....tomorrow. Otherwise we will most definitely NOT be traveling this month. I600 approval tomorrow is possible, but EP approval is pretty much not possible. A new "batch" of EPs was approved today, from a group submitted on April 15th. We are obviously not in that group, since we weren't informed of an approval today, and there won't be another batch approved for a couple of weeks likely. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but just being realistic that we likely won't travel until July at the earliest. The only One who can get us to South Korea in June is God...and if it is in His will then we will be there this month.

In other news, we received a Well Baby Check for Little Miss Princess two days ago!!!! She is stabilizing weight-wise, at 19 pounds, and is starting to grow length-wise! Her paperwork said she was creeping, but not crawling yet. :) It is soooo hard for me not to buy her gorgeous girlie clothes every chance I get, and I do buy some "all season" outfits in bigger sizes, but I want to buy something for her to wear NOW!!! I just don't know what size she will be when we finally get her in our arms! Until then, I sometimes find myself daydreaming about what it will feel like to be on that plane to Seoul again, only this time knowing that she will be coming home with us.  Whether it is June, July, or August (hope not) or even September (gasp) I know that she WILL come home. Eventually. :)

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