New Website Coming Soon....

Hi everyone!!  Thanks for being such loyal "followers" of our website. We will be starting a new website for our family once we get our "travel call" to go pick up Emma. The new site is much easier to make posts to and easier to maintain, which will be nice while we are in Korea and definitely nice when we come home and  have much less time to maintain a website!! Email us at or email Emily at for the new site address.

Thank you all and God Bless!!

Javier, Emily and Emma

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

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안녕 하세요

(Hello in Korean)

We're Adopting!!!

After making the big decision to adopt children, we thought it would be a great way for our family and friends to keep up with the latest news if we would create a website. In the website there is information about Korea, the country we are adopting from, and a little about the process and what we have to accomplish before bringing our baby (or babies!) home. There is also a blog, where we will update you all on how we are doing and where we are in the process, which will come in handy when we travel so that you all can watch our journey! Check out the timeline to find out what recent milestones we have reached in the paper trail, and feel free to leave us comments or email us anytime!!  We are incredibly excited to become parents, and want to share the journey with all of you!!

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I love this poem...

I did not plant you, true. 
But when the season is done 
When the alternate Prayers for sun and for rain are counted
When the pain of weeding and the pride of watching are through
Then I will hold you high

 A shining leaf above the thousand seeds grown wild
Not my planting, but by heaven my harvest 

My own child.
     -unknown author

The Red Thread 

An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.-An Ancient Chinese Proverb

This story helps me remember that we are already connected to our baby, whether or not he or she has been born, and whether or not we have actually met yet. We will meet, and we will bring him or her home to love forever!! I ordered a red thread bracelet from a website to wear every day until we meet our child!!