We have officially been placed on the waiting list for our child!!!! We will never really know what number we fall at, but we will receive monthly updates on how many families are waiting and how many referrals have been sent over that month. This month, our first month on the list, there are only 13 families waiting!!!  We are one of 13!!! That is not many...AND get this.....FIVE referrals were sent over in July!!  That is a big number..the list went from 18 to 13 in one month! We are completely over the moon....I never expected to be on a list of 13. I only prayed to fall in the top 20 to 30 families..God HEARD and IS SO GOOD!!!!  Thank you!!!!  Thank all of you for your prayers!!!!! We will be receiving monthly updates from the agency, and of course you will all find out about those updates through the timeline and blog. Love you guys!!!!

How exciting!!! 13 has always been my favorite and lucky number!!


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