Yesterday was our four-month mark of waiting for our travel call. It will easily be another month it seems, based upon our progress, or lack thereof. The only things that need to happen now are EP approval and Emma will need a physical exam to clear her for travel. She will also need to appear in person at the US Embassy in Seoul to have her picture taken. The physical and the Embassy appearance are easy in comparison to EP. We have no idea if she has been submitted for EP approval. We are praying that she has, since EP approval takes about 6 weeks from submission to approval, then families expect to travel 2 to 4 weeks after approval. We hope to be notified of her approval, so that we can prepare to travel, but we realize we may not even be notified of that. There is a telephone number to call Washington DC and we can give them her case number to find out if she has appeared at the Embassy and if she has had her visa issued. As of yesterday she had neither, which we fully expected since we don't think we have EP yet.

So, we are praying to travel this time next month or by the end of next month. Please pray for us, as the wait is becoming more difficult as we approach the time we thought we might travel. We are officially into the "estimated timeframe" for waiting for our travel call, which is 4-6 months after referral. We appreciate prayers for our little girl, that her tiny heart might begin to be prepared for the difficult and confusing transition that will occur in her world. Prayers for her foster family as they prepare to let her go, and let her become a part of her forever family. I am so grateful for these people who love her so very much and who have made sure that she was safe, happy, healthy and loved the past 8 months. I can never, ever begin to repay them for this gift.

Once we receive our travel call, I will begin a new website for our family. I will post a link to it on the homepage of this website, and also in a blog posting. I feel that once we travel and she comes home, it will be a new chapter in our lives together, and deserves a new website with blog. It will be more streamlined and easier to maintain, as I don't expect to have nearly the free time that I do now!! We will still have picture posting capability, and links. I will likely document our travel to Korea on the new website, but that remains to be seen as to which will be easier to access on the internet from Korea. I will keep you all posted as to which site to follow, and there will be links available to the new website from here.

Thank you all for your prayers for our family, our daughter, and her foster family. We are anxious and excited to meet her for the first time, and we know that she will be home in God's perfect timing.

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