Big news!!!  All of our application and reference letters have been received, and we are approved to begin our homestudy!!  This is the LAST step before we go on the waiting list for a baby! I can't believe it is all happening so quickly, but I know the wait will seem like a lifetime. :) Our first home visit is THIS Wednesday afternoon...we have spent the entire weekend cleaning and reorganizing the house, and we enlisted my Mom and Dad to help clean up and also finish painting the nursery!  New pictures of the painting job will be posted soon. Javier and Dad did a great job, I will be so excited to get baby furniture in there! So after Wednesday, we meet with our social worker in her office the following Wednesday afternoon for separate interviews. Javier's is first, mine is second. Once that is done, our final home visit is set for July 3rd, the following Friday afternoon. The agency will write our report and we will send everything to the main agency hub in Maryland and then to South Korea!!!  I am definitely nervous and excited about the home visits, I just have to keep tellling myself what the social worker told us...they are not looking for perfect parents, they are just looking for parents. Everyone please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts!!!  We are moving forward!

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